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Pump It Up Pro
Developer(s) Fun in Motion
Publisher(s) Andamiro
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) Pump It Up PRO: August 2007

Pump It Up PRO 2: Early June 2010

Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single player using five or ten panels or two players using five panels each
Cabinet Custom

Pump It Up Pro (abbreviated as PIUPRO or Pump Pro, and marketed as Pump It Up PRO) is a series of Rhythm games produced by Fun in Motion and published by Andamiro. The product is a spin-off of Pump It Up, and is developed separately from the main series.[1] Pump It Up Pro was designed with the intent of getting players who normally play 4-panel dance games into 5-panel dancing. The game utilizes a build of StepMania 4 for its engine. The game can be purchased inside a FX cabinet, or as an upgrade kit for SX and GX cabinets running MK6 or MK7 hardware (which includes the button panel for the front of the machine, USB ports, the hard drive, the marquee graphics, and optionally the MK6 hardware).

Notable contributors include Kyle Ward, who also contributed many songs and step charts. A sequel was confirmed on a blog post on his website.[2]

Pump It Up PRO 2 was released in Summer 2010 as both an upgrade kit and dedicated cabinet.


Gameplay in Pump It Up Pro is similar to other Pump games, but with slight differences. A new judgment, "Superb", is slotted in above Perfect on the ranking scale. Holds function differently as well. In addition to requiring that they be hit at their heads in order to register, holds are registered solely in quarter-beat increments. Some songs contain Rolls, which must be rapidly tapped in order to count. Individual taps on them increases the combo and the lifebar. Song difficulty is ranked on a 1-16 scale of colored blocks.[3] All revival songs were re-rated to fit on the new scale. Some songs contain mines, which must be avoided.

Instead of the pads, Pro uses a set of buttons on the front of the cabinet to navigate the interface. An options menu activated with the red Options button is used instead of codes for gameplay modifiers.

Additional modes[edit]

A new Easy difficulty is added on Pro, intended to be easier than Normal. Most Easy stepcharts are ranked between 1-3 blocks on the difficulty scale. The Revision 5 patch revived Half Double mode as a difficulty. Half Double only uses the 6 panels on the inside of the pad layout (excluding the outer corners). Pump It Up Pro does not contain a separate mode for remixes and long versions, the long songs and remixes present on Pro are present in regular play, and require two rounds to play. In place of a Remix mode, is Progressive, a mode containing courses consisting of 4 songs each. Two sets of courses are present, courses without modifiers contain sets of songs sorted by the version it originally debuted on (such as "From The 1st Dance Floor" or "From Exceed 2", and two "Urban Comatose" courses containing songs from Pro. The rest of the courses contain scripts of modifiers intended to make reading the songs more difficult. An exception to the 4 song standard are the "Warp" courses, which use rate modifiers to speed up the songs themselves to make 6 or 8 songs be played in the time period of 4 songs, and "Sangoma", a course which plays both Witch Doctor songs, then proceeds to the Witch Doctor/Extravaganza remix "Wi-Ex-Doc-Va".

5 of the courses are unlocked with unlock codes, Warp 8XM, Victory, Darkly We Wander, Understand, and Up and Down. The unlock code for Up and Down was never released due to a bug in the course's last song, which was caused by refresh rate issues. The issues were caused by an effect in the song, Heel and Toe, in which it was scripted to make the arrows look like they were coming from both the bottom and the top of the screen. The Revision 5 patch unlocked the boss song VVV, along with Up and Down, with Monkey Fingers now being the last song with a new script.

Many elements of the game are inherited from In the Groove, a four-panel dance game which Kyle Ward was previously involved with, such as the ability to save stats and song edits on a USB flash drive. Andamiro built cabinets for and distributed In the Groove 2.


  • Pump It Up Pro, the first arcade game in the series.
  • Pump It Up Fitness, previously known as Pump It Up Multiplayer, is a game designed to be played in a large group. It is similar to now-discontinued competitor Dance Praise Party, but includes many new features. For example, while Party only allows up to ten players to play at once, Fitness supports up to 32 players. The five-panel dance pads included with Fitness are wireless, as opposed to Party's four-panel wired pads.[4] It is coming soon, and was displayed at the Zigzag booth at Leisure Industry Week.[5]
  • Pump It Up Jump, an arcade redemption game designed for young children. It is easier to play, and features an optional ticket distributor. The song list includes nursery rhymes such as Mary Had a Little Lamb. The amount of tickets kids earn depends on their dancing success.
  • Pump It Up Pro 2, a sequel to the first arcade game.


The song list of Pump it Up Pro consists mainly of songs from older versions of Pump it Up. The new songs are a mixture of songs from the In the Groove series, including songs that were planned to be featured on In the Groove 3.

Song packs and Revision Updates[edit]

As with In the Groove 2, Pump it Up Pro can be updated with revision updates downloaded to a USB memory card. The first revision update, revision 5, was released on July 23, 2008. The patch features numerous bug fixes, difficulty rating adjustments for several songs, the addition of an indicator on the song selection screen for songs with edits available, and the revival of the "half double" difficulty, a 6-panel mode utilizing all panels except for the outer corners of the pad. All songs have new Half Double charts, including ones that previously had Half Double charts on previous Pump games. In addition, songs that were missing Nightmare difficulty charts now have new charts created by the Pump it Up Pro step artists.

Song packs[edit]

In addition to revision updates, the revision 5 update also allows operators to install new song packs for their machine. The first of which, Pump it Up Pro: Encore, was released in August 2008. Song packs are distributed on USB memory cards authenticated with the machine's serial number, and are not downloadable.


The first song pack, Encore, contains 12 songs, 10 of which are new to the Pump it Up series in general, and 2 crossovers from other Pump it Up games. Can Can does not retain its charts from Pump it Up Extra however, the song contains new charts on all difficulties.


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