Pivotal Games

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Pivotal Games
Industry Computer and video game industry
Fate Defunct
Founded March 2000[1]
Defunct 22 August 2008
Headquarters Bath, United Kingdom
Key people Jim Bambra
Alex McLean
Nick Cook
Products Conflict series
The Great Escape
Employees 100+[2]
Parent SCI
Website Official website

Pivotal Games was a video game development studio in the United Kingdom formed in 2000 by ex-employees of Pumpkin Studios.[3] It developed all the installments of the Conflict series and The Great Escape, based on the film of the same name. SCI acquired the company on September 29, 2003[4] As part of SCI's restructuring, Pivotal closed its doors on August 22, 2008.[5]

List of video games[edit]

Year Title Platform(s)
GC PS2 PS3 Win Xbox X360
2002 Conflict: Desert Storm Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
2003 The Great Escape No Yes No Yes Yes No
2003 Conflict: Desert Storm II Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
2004 Conflict: Vietnam No Yes No Yes Yes No
2005 Conflict: Global Terror No Yes No Yes Yes No
2008 Conflict: Denied Ops No No Yes Yes No Yes


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