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View of the Puncak area in West Java, overlooking tea plantations

Puncak (English: Peak) is the popular name for the area surrounding the peak of Mt.Gede-Pangrango, located in the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies, in the province of West Java, Indonesia.

This area is a popular holiday area for the residents of Jakarta, the capital city, and its satellite cities. It has fresh air, mountain scenery and a cooler climate. The area is about two hours drive from Jakarta, if there is no traffic jam, but severe traffic jams occur from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon all through the year.

New alternative route[edit]

Bogor Regency is planning to build an alternative route from Sentul International Circuit-Babakan Madang-Hambalang-Sukmamakmur-Cipanas Palace, Pacet with total length of 47 kilometers, and a carriageway 30 meters wide. Most of the land will be granted by businessmen such as Probosutedjo and Tommy Suharto. The construction will commence in 2011 and is scheduled to be partly finished in 2013.[1]


Coordinates: 6°42′14″S 106°59′39″E / 6.70389°S 106.99417°E / -6.70389; 106.99417