Pune International Marathon

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Pune International Marathon
2008 Pune Marathon runners.jpg
Fun runners at the 2008 event
Date 7th December 2014
Location Pune, India
Event type Road
Distance Marathon
Established 1983
Official site Pune International Marathon

The Pune International Marathon is an annual marathon foot-race held in Pune, India. Pune International Marathon was the first Marathon Race of the Country. The first edition of the race was begun in 1983, and the 29th edition will be held in 2014. It attracts many international participants, who compete with local and national runners in the distinct climate of the Indian subcontinent. It hosted the Asian Marathon Championship race in 2010.[1]

The event also organises a short celebrity run in which film personalities and national athletes participate and raise money for charitable causes.

In its 21st year, this event attracted over 50,000 runners from India and around the world. Corporate participants also helped in this battle against HIV/AIDS by participating in the 4.5 km Race against AIDS. All the money collected from this race is donated to Project Concern International, a widely respected NGO working towards HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Pune.

Pune Marathon 2010 was a silver jubilee edition of the event. The organisers had introduced the Women's Full Marathon and Men's Half Marathon categories.

Since 1983, thousands of runners from all walks of life have taken part in the event. Pune International Marathon is now widely used as a platform to spread social messages and to raise funds for charitable causes. Athletics Federation of India has awarded the status of National Marathon Championship to Pune International Marathon. The Marathon route consists of Pune's scenic and historic locations with thousands of spectators lining up along the course to cheer the participants. It is the most anticipated running festival in the City of Pune.

Race Types[edit]

No Race Name Distance(in KM)
1 Men Full Marathon 42.195km
2 Men Half Marathon 21km
3 Women Half Marathon 21km
4 Men 10 km Race 10km
5 Women 10 km 10km
6 World Peace Run 3.5km
7 Wheel Chair Race (Machine and Hand) 3.5km
8 Boys Under 18 3.5km
9 Women Under 18 3.5km
10 Boys Under 16 3.5km
11 Girls Under 16 3.5km
12 Boys Under 14 3.5km
13 Girls Under 14 3.5km

Past winners[edit]

Kenyan Caroline Kilel won the 2008 women's half marathon race.

Key:       Course record       Half marathon distance       Asian Marathon Championship race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1983  Tommy Persson (SWE) 2:24:15
2nd 1984  Steven Marwa (TAN) 2:33:59
3rd 1985  Savio d'Souza (IND) 2:35:11  Asha Agarwal (IND) 1:24:10
4th 1986  Savio d'Souza (IND) 2:31:28  Karolina Szabó (HUN) 1:17:09
5th 1987  Francois Blommaerts (BEL) 2:29:40  Suman Rawat (IND) 1:21:54
6th 1989  Yeshwant Singh Rawat (IND) 2:31:47  Sunita Godhara (IND) 2:58:39
7th 1990  Shivkumar Yadav (IND) 2:27:56  Nanda Jadhav (IND) 1:17:42
8th 1991  Vithana Samarasinghe (SRI) 2:23:46  Nanda Jadhav (IND) 2:57:34
9th 1992  Shivkumar Yadav (IND) 2:26:34  Suman Mehta (IND) 2:51:01
10th 1993  Robert Nolan (AUS) 2:23:23  Vally Sathyabhama (IND) 2:47:46
11th 1994  Joshua Kipkemboi (KEN) 2:24:35  Midde Hamrin (SWE) 1:17:19
12th 1996  Joseph Kahugu (KEN) 2:13:00  Lukose Leelamma (IND) ?
13th 1997 (Jan)  Abhay Singh (IND) 2:23:08  Camilla Benjaminsson (SWE) 1:20:00
14th 1997 (Dec)  My Tahar Echchadli (MAR) 2:25:36  Zahra Akrachi (MAR) 1:16:42
15th 1999  Zablon Mokaya (KEN) 2:22:54  Lyubov Fyodorova (RUS) 1:29:49
16th 2000  Fedor Ryzhov (RUS) 2:25:17  Margaret Ngotho (KEN) 1:18:10
17th 2002  Ambrose Makau (KEN) 2:23:20  Natalya Volgina (RUS) 1:15:52
18th 2003  Robert Kipyego (KEN) 2:16:36  Masila Ndunge (KEN) 1:13:49
19th 2004  Douglas Gwandaru (KEN) 2:21:22  Jane Muia (KEN) 1:11:59
20th 2005  Josephat Ndeti (KEN) 2:19:35  Nailiya Yulamanova (RUS) 1:15:05
21st 2006  Said Regragui (SWE) 2:18:23  Hellen Musyoka (KEN) 1:13:20
22nd 2007  Philip Makau Muia (KEN) 2:17:32  Roman Gebregessese (ETH) 1:11:30.4
23rd 2008  Nelson Kirwa Rotich (KEN) 2:17:45  Caroline Kilel (KEN) 1:10:17
24th 2009  Augustine Rono Sembri (KEN) 2:13:05  Agnes Katunga Mutune (KEN) 1:10:30
25th 2010  Gudeta Gemechu Biratu (ETH) 2:13:20  Birzaf Gebre Tekele (ETH) 2:38:41
26th 2011  Teferi Regasa (ETH) 2:16:57  Pauline Mutwa Thitu (KEN) 1:12:29
27th 2012  Luka Kipkemoi Chelimo (KEN) 2:13:03  Pauline Kavere Kamulu (KEN) 1:08:37
28th 2013  ENDALE ABAYNE  (ETH) 2:17:52  ABERU ZEWUDE TESEMA  (ETH) 1:16:54
29th 2014


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