Pungent Stench

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Pungent Stench
The Church οf Pungent Stench
Pungent Stench @ Vice Launch Party 2.jpg
Pungent Stench in 2007
Background information
Origin Austria
Genres Death metal
Years active 1988–1995, 1999–2007, 2013-
Labels Nuclear Blast Records
Associated acts Hollenthon
Website http://www.pungentstench.org, http://www.pungentstench.net
Members Martin Schirenc
Danny Vacuum
Mike G. Mayhem
Past members Fabio Testi
Jacek Perkowski
Reverend Mausna
El Gore
Alex Wank

Pungent Stench is a darkly humorous death metal band from Vienna, Austria, which formed in 1988. Their last known lineup consists of Martin Schirenc (vocals/guitar), Danny Vacuum (vocals/bass), and Mike G. Mayhem (drums). They dissolved in 1995, re-formed in 1999, then split up again 2007 after recording a final studio album which has yet to be released, and re-formed again in 2013.

Martin Schirenc is also leader of the symphonic black metal band Hollenthon.

Musical style[edit]

Though Pungent Stench is a death metal band, its musical style has also been influenced by rock and blues. Such non-metal influences can be heard on songs such as "Viva la muerte", "Madcatmachopsychoromantik", "Family Man" and "Got MILF?". Schirenc's choice of guitar (he often plays a Fender Telecaster, a rarity among metal guitarists) probably signals these influences.

Lyrical content[edit]

The lyrical content of the songs is more sexually orientated than that of other death metal bands; themes covered include coprophagia, rape, paedophilia, and acrotomophilia. The album covers reflect this as well: many of their album covers are transgressive and sometimes shocking photos by Joel-Peter Witkin.


Final line-up[edit]

  • Martin Schirenc (also known as El Cochino) - vocals, guitar (1988–1995, 1999–2007, 2013-)
  • Danny Vacuum - vocals, bass (2013-)
  • Mike G. Mayhem - drums (2013-)

Former members[edit]

  • Fabio Testi - bass (2004)
  • Jacek Perkowski - bass (1988–1995)
  • Reverend Mausna - bass (1999–2004)
  • El Gore - bass (2004–2007)
  • Alex Wank - drums (1988–1995, 1999–2007)


Video releases[edit]

  • Video La Muerte (Nuclear Blast, VHS release, 1993) - features three music videos and eight tracks recorded live in Bremen, Germany

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