Punggol Plaza

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Punggol Plaza
Punggol Plaza 3, Jan 06.JPG
Punggol Plaza in 2006
Location Punggol, Singapore
Address 168 Punggol Field, S820168[1]
Opening date September 2004
Management Abundance Development
Owner Abundance Development
No. of stores and services 50
No. of anchor tenants 3
No. of floors 6 (4 floors with 2 basements)

Punggol Plaza is a small scale shopping mall in Punggol built to cater to the needs of the residents residing there. Strategically located beside Coral Edge LRT station, allowing easy accessibility for the residents of Punggol. The mall was officially opened in September 2004 and is the first and also currently the only shopping mall in Punggol until Waterway Point is completed.


Owned by Abundance Development Pte Ltd, Punggol Plaza was built to cater to the residents of Punggol, which was a newly built town during the completion of the mall in 2004.[2]

Facilities and services[edit]

The interior of Punggol Plaza

With a total of 4 floors and two basements, each level provides different services ranging from hair saloons, tuition centres, banks to food. There are currently three anchor tenants in the mall. The three anchor tenants include the Fresh Market, managed by Ai Muay Management, which is located at Basement 1, Koufu which is located on level 1 and NTUC FairPrice, which occupies most of the space on level 3.

The mall also has an basement carpark which is located at Basement 1 and Basement 2. The carpark at B1 is accessible by both the lifts and escalators in the mall, while shoppers will have to take the lift to get to the B2 carpark. Shalom Car Grooming, a car grooming service, is available at the B2 carpark. Clinics are located on the first and second floors of the mall. There are currently two banks serving the mall, namely OCBC Bank and POSBank. OCBC Bank is located on the first floor while POSB ATMs are located on the third floor. Most of the tuition centres are located on the fourth floor, including music schools such as Cristofori Music. Most of the hair saloons are located on the fourth floor as well.[3]

Shuttle bus services[edit]

Free shuttle bus services are also provided by the mall since its opening in 2004. The free shuttle bus services are between Punggol New Town and Sengkang New Town, making travelling to the mall easier and more convenient.[4]


Other than the free shuttle bus services provided by the mall, Punggol Plaza is also well-served by public transport, being located just in front of Coral Edge LRT station and also bus stops, which are served by bus services: Service 3, 62, 83, 569, 581.[5]

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