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Punjab Bar Council
Punjab Bar Council.jpg
Building of the Punjab Bar Council
Formation January 1, 1974; 40 years ago (1974-01-01)
Type Public Body
Purpose Bar associations
Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan
Coordinates 31°33′38″N 74°18′52″E / 31.56056°N 74.31444°E / 31.56056; 74.31444Coordinates: 31°33′38″N 74°18′52″E / 31.56056°N 74.31444°E / 31.56056; 74.31444
Region served Punjab, Pakistan
Official language English
Website www.pbbarcouncil.com

The Punjab Bar Council (Urdu: پنجاب بار کونسل‎) is a supreme, statutory and deliberative assembly of lawyers in Punjab. It consists of 75 elected members from different constituencies of Punjab. Its main functions are, safeguarding the rights, interests and privileges of practicing lawyers, regulating their conduct and helping in the administration of justice within Punjab, Pakistan. It is also 1st biggest Bar Council of Pakistan due to the strength of its licensees. more than 80,000 advocates are Licensee of Punjab Bar Council. All Bar associations of Punjab including District Bar Associations and High Court Bar Associations works under the Jurisdiction of Punjab Bar Council. The lawyers recognized by the Bar Council can only represent clients in the all Branches of Lahore High Court, District Courts and Session Courts in Punjab, Pakistan. The Punjab Bar Council is based in Lahore, Pakistan, came into being as a result of the promulgation of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973 (Act XXXV of 1973). The Council commenced functioning with effect from 1 January 1974.[1]


The Punjab Bar Council consists of 75 Members of Punjab Bar Council elected by the advocates from different constituencies across the Punjab Province, These Members serve a term of five years and further elect Chairman Executive Committee and Vice-Chairman of Council each Year. The Advocate General of the Punjab, acts as ex officio Chairman but being non-elected do not exercise the power as do the elected positions in the council.

Chairman Executive, Punjab Bar Council[edit]

The Chairman of Executive Committee is Chief Executive of Bar Council and is elected by the members of the Council in each year. Chairman Executive Committee has full authority to decide matters of Bar Council in every aspect. under the Punjab Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rules, 1974, the Chairman of Executive Committee exercise the powers (a) to implement the decisions of Bar Council (b) to advise the Bar Council in all matters relating to its functions (c) to supervise and deal with the all matters regarding administration of the Bar Council (d) to constitute sub-committee and to entrust such of its functions thereto as may be necessary (e) to institute and defend other proceedings on the behalf of Bar Council (f) to perform such functions as the Bar Council may entrust to it.

Vice Chairman, Punjab Bar Council[edit]

Vice Chairman is figurehead of Bar Council and Elected by the members of the Council in January each year. under the Punjab Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rules 1974, Vice Chairman is ex officio Member of each Committee of Bar Council.

Secretary, Punjab Bar Council[edit]

secretary is an officer of Grade 21. He is non-elected and full-time semi-government employee, responsible to perform duties enshrined under the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973, and the Punjab Legal Practitioners & Bar Council Rules, 1974 and to deal with the administrative affairs. secretary works under the supervisory control of the Executive Committee of Punjab Bar Council.[2]

List of Elected Leaders[edit]

Year Chairman Executive Vice Chairman
2009-10 Rana Arif Kamal Noon Asif Ali Malik
2010-11 Rana Muhammad Akram Khan Mumtaz Mustafa
2011-12 Zafar Mehmood Mughal Muhammad Lehrasib Khan Gondal
2012-13 Rana Muhammad Asif Saeed Malik Ghulam Abbas Nissoana
2013-14 Tahir Nasrullah Warraich Ahmer Hussain Cheema
2014-15 Elections Could not take place Executive of council dissolved 2013-14 Vice Chairman (Continued)


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