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Punk Rock Jesus is a comic book limited series written by Sean Murphy and released on DC Comics' Vertigo Comics imprint. It concerns a clone of Jesus Christ made from the Shroud of Turin, who then becomes a rebellious punk rocker.

The series ran for six issues from September 2012 to January 2013 and was collected as a trade paperback in April 2013. Critically acclaimed, Punk Rock Jesus won the IGN award for "Best Comic Mini-Series" of 2012.


Punk Rock Jesus won the IGN end of the year award for "Best Comic Mini-Series", in which the reviewer claimed that "few artists are able to effectively build worlds as eloquently as Sean Murphy. We saw it in Joe the Barbarian and then American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest (perhaps not coincidentally IGN's Best Mini-Series of 2011), so that same level of quality was essentially expected in Murphy's debut as writer/artist, Punk Rock Jesus. What we got was far more than we bargained for; it's a black-and-white marvel that is remarkably precise in its storytelling, let alone its world building. In the span of only a few issues, Murphy was able to construct a bold new universe all the while deconstructing our own, piece by piece."[citation needed]

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