Punk Rock Songs

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Punk Rock Songs
Greatest hits album by Bad Religion
Released April 30, 2002
Recorded 1994-2000
Genre Punk rock
Length 69:28
Label Epic
Producer Bad Religion
Bad Religion chronology
The Process of Belief
Punk Rock Songs
The Empire Strikes First

Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) is a compilation album by Bad Religion, released in 2002.

Spanning the years from 1994 to 2000, this is a collection of the biggest hits and some live tracks from their Atlantic and Epic Records era, therefore it does not contain any songs from Bad Religion's first seven full-length albums, or their then-current album The Process of Belief.

The compilation was released by Epic Records without any input from the band members, as Bad Religion had already returned to Epitaph Records. It has never been released in the United States.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Punk Rock Song"
  2. "The Gray Race"
  3. "The Streets of America"
  4. "A Walk"
  5. "Ten in 2010"
  6. "New America"
  7. "I Love My Computer"
  8. "It's A Long Way to the Promise Land"
  9. "Hear It"
  10. "Raise Your Voice" (with Campino of Die Toten Hosen)
  11. "No Substance"
  12. "Infected"
  13. "21st Century (Digital Boy)"
  14. "Stranger Than Fiction"
  15. "Dream of Unity"
  16. "Punk Rock Song" (German Version)
  17. "Leave Mine to Me" (Live)
  18. "Change of Ideas" (Live)
  19. "Slumber" (Live)
  20. "Cease" (Live)

On the Japanese and German releases, there are some extra tracks:

  1. "We're Only Gonna Die" (with Biohazard) (Live)
  2. "The Henchman '98" (Live)
  3. "The Answer" (Live)
  4. "The Universal Cynic" (Ithaca Session)
  5. "The Dodo" (Ithaca Session)