Puposky, Minnesota

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Puposky is an unincorporated community in Durand Township, Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States. It lies at 47°41′N 94°55′W / 47.68°N 94.91°W / 47.68; -94.91Coordinates: 47°41′N 94°55′W / 47.68°N 94.91°W / 47.68; -94.91.

Puposky was officially founded on September 26, 1905. The railroad[clarification needed] was coming through, and a Post Office also started that same year.

It is about 17 miles north of Bemidji, where most community services are available. The town is three blocks long and has a small general store, a post office (zip code 56667), a town hall, and a church (with cemetery).


The 2010 state census listed Durand Township's population at 175, with no specific information on the town of Puposky itself. The sign outside the town lists the population at 89, but this number has remained static for several decades and is arguably inaccurate. Recently (August 2011), local sources said the population was as low as 37 residents, at times in the past.


Puposky's name is derived from an Ojibwe word which means "Shaking ground" or "End of the moving ground" and supposedly refers to the hamlet's position on the Red Lake marsh whose southern terminus is located in Durand Township.