Pur Chaman District

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Pur Chaman (also transliterated as Purchaman or Porchaman) is a mountainous district in Farah Province, Afghanistan. Its population is approximately 95% Tajik with a Pashtun minority. The main village, also called Purchaman 33°8′29″N 63°51′41″E / 33.14139°N 63.86139°E / 33.14139; 63.86139 is situated at 1431 m altitude.[citation needed]

Religious role[edit]

Pur Chaman was the center of operations for the Naqshbandi Sufi leader (pir) of the Aimaq ethnic group until the late 1970s, when the last pir, Baha'uddin Jan, was killed under the Taraki government.[1]



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