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Purandarpur high school,birbhum

Purandarpur is a village in West Bengal, India, between Suri and Bolpur. It is located approximately 8 km from Suri, 11 km from Ahmadpur, 13 km from Sainthia and 28 km from Bolpur Shantiniketan.

The village is located at the connecting point of the roads from Bolpur to Suri and Ahmadpur to Suri. The nearest railway station is at Suri, which is the District headquarters of Birbhum.


According to 2010 census, Purandarpur had a population of approximately 4,452.

The common language of communication is Bengali .

Mode of living[edit]

The main means of livelihood is agriculture and business. some service man.

Places of interest[edit]

Behira, a popular spot for tourists, is situated 2 km on the way of Bolpur road. A very old Kalimandir in the bank of Bakreshwar river in a deep forest is the main attraction having its natural beauty.

There are a Dharmaraj Temple in the village, where an annual festival is held at the regarding the Dharmaraj Myths. A Radha Krishna temple is also in the village. Several Durga Pujas are held every year. Banimaa Sarbajanin Durgotsob in

Dutta para. 

Durgabari, matrimandir,

Dangalpara Sarbajanin Durgotsab

Bandhab samiti's Durga Puja is are well known.and the big 70 ft kali murti arranged by bandhab samity.and the famous thing is Gobindor Chop and gopaler. the largest chop in all area.

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