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Pure Garage is a successful series of UK garage compilation albums. Nearly all of them are mixed by DJ EZ.

In January 2000, Warner Music chose Kiss 100's DJ EZ to mix Pure Garage, a new garage compilation CD. Pure Garage went on to receive platinum record sales and peaked at number 2 in the UK national compilation chart.[citation needed] The Pure Garage series is the most acknowledged and best-selling UK garage compilation series to date. As of September 2007, the Pure Garage series had sold over 1.7 million records.[citation needed] Pure Garage Rewind Back To The Old Skool was released on 3 December 2007; after just two weeks on sale it had already earned itself Gold disc status with over 100,000 copies sold.[citation needed] The latest Pure Garage compilation, The Very Best Of Pure Garage, was released on 1 December 2008 and is the first Pure Garage CD that was not mixed my DJ EZ, instead mixed by Matt "Jam" Lamont. In March 2011, a new compilation was released, named Pure Garage Anthems, mixed by Jason Kaye of Top Buzz.

Pure Garage albums[edit]

  • Pure Garage (2CD) - Released: 31 January 2000
  • Pure Garage II (2CD) - Released: 3 July 2000
  • Pure Garage III (2CD) - Released: 13 November 2000
  • Pure Garage IV (2CD) - Released: 5 March 2001
  • Pure Garage V (2CD) - Released: 29 October 2001
  • Pure Garage Presents Bass Breaks & Beats (2CD) - Released: 3 December 2001
  • Pure Garage Platinum The Very Best of... (3CD) - Released: 9 December 2002
  • Bass Breaks & Beats 2003 (2CD) - Released: 30 December 2002
  • Pure Garage Classics (3CD) - Released: 24 November 2003
  • Pure Garage Presents Four to the Floor (2CD) - Released: 29 December 2003
  • Pure Garage Presents The Main Room Sessions (3CD) - Released: 16 May 2005
  • Pure Garage Rewind Back to the Old Skool (4CD) - Released: 3 December 2007
  • Pure Garage Presents Pure Bassline (3CD) - Released: 30 June 2008
  • The Very Best Of Pure Garage (4CD) - Released: 1 December 2008 (mixed by Matt "Jam" Lamont)
  • Pure Garage Presents 100 Garage Classics (5 cd) - Released: 28 December 2009
  • Pure Garage Anthems - Released: 28 May 2011 (mixed by Jason Kaye)[1]

Some titles were also released on cassette and vinyl.


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