Pure Imagination (comics)

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Pure Imagination
Founded 1975
Founder Greg Theakston
Country of origin U.S.A.
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Comics, Magazines, Books
Official website pureimagination.info

Pure Imagination is a comic book, magazine, and comics-related book publisher run by Greg Theakston since 1975.

While briefly doing some original comics in the 1990s, as well a publishing a few "girlie" magazines, Pure Imagination's main focus has been publishing books to preserve the great works of several comic arts. This includes the aborted Complete Jack Kirby series, and the several Reader volumes that continue to this day. Another series is Edge of Genius, which focuses on the period in which artists "come into their own." Pure Imagination has also produced some CDs that reprint multiple editions of the Reader books.



  • Buried Treasure, three issues
  • Doc Weird's Thrill Book, three issues, 1987–88
  • Intense!, three issues, 1993
  • Lone Ranger, one issue
  • Pure Images, five issues
  • Sky Masters, one issue, 1991
  • Torchy, five issues and one Annual



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