Pure McCartney

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Pure McCartney
Live album by Tim Christensen, Mike Viola, Tracy Bonham, with The Damn Crystals
Released 12 February 2013
Recorded 18 June 2012
Vega, Copenhagen
Genre Rock
Length 1:25:58
Label Mermaid Records
Producer Tim Christensen,
Frank Birch Pontoppidan
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Pure McCartney
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Pure McCartney is a live DVD/CD and DVD/2-LP album by singer-songwriters Tim Christensen, Mike Viola, and Tracy Bonham, with the band The Damn Crystals, released in 2013.


Pure McCartney contains a recording of a one-off tribute concert at Vega in Copenhagen in celebration of Sir Paul McCartney's 70th birthday that day.[1] The set list includes the 1971 McCartney album Ram, which is the favorite album of Christensen and Viola,[2] as well as several post-Beatles songs.[3] Vega's large concert hall, with a capacity of 1500, was sold out.[4] The artwork was inspired by Ram.

Track listing[edit]

Pure McCartney
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Too Many People"   Paul McCartney 4:34
2. "3 Legs"   P. McCartney 3:03
3. "Ram On"   P. McCartney 2:48
4. "Dear Boy"   P. McCartney, Linda McCartney 2:37
5. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 5:13
6. "Smile Away"   P. McCartney 4:09
7. "Heart of the Country"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 2:38
8. "Monkberry Moon Delight"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 4:42
9. "Eat at Home"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 3:37
10. "Long Haired Lady"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 7:07
11. "The Back Seat of My Car"   P. McCartney 5:20
12. "Venus & Mars/Rock Show"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 8:03
13. "Coming Up"   P. McCartney 4:14
14. "Live and Let Die"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 3:21
15. "Maybe I'm Amazed"   P. McCartney 4:44
16. "Junk"   P. McCartney 3:41
17. "Band on the Run"   P. McCartney, L. McCartney 5:59
Total length:
DVD bonus featurette
No. Title Length
1. "Bonus featurette"   9:27



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