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Reign ?–1241
Successor Narchat princess
Issue Atämaz
House unknown
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Born Place unknown
Died 09.04.1241
Legnica, Poland
Burial Legnica

Puresh (Moksha: Каназор Пуреш) was a Moksha kanazor (king), ruler of Murunza kingdom in Middle Volga.[1] Ally of Russian Grand Prince Yuri II and Cuman khan Köten against Bulgars and Erzyas in 1220s.[2] In September 1237 Mongols invaded to Murunza and Puresh was forced by Jebe and Sübötäi to join the Mongols in their Europe campaign. Puresh warriors became the vanguard of Mongol army and took part in seizure of Kiev, Sandomierz and Zawichost.[3] Puresh secretly met with Henry II the Pious one day before Battle of Legnica and they agreed Moksha army would join Silesian and Greater Poland troops. Subutai revealed the plot and Puresh, his son Atämaz and many Moksha warriors were killed sleeping after midnight 9 April 1241.[4]

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