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Purna (पूर्णा नदी)
River Purna in Summer.jpg
River Purna at Manegaon
Country India
State Maharashtra
Regions Vidarbha, Khandesh
Districts Betul District, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon
 - left Pedhi River[1], Mūrna River, Mūn River, Dnyanganga River, Vishwaganga River, Nalganaga River
 - right Arna River, Bodi River, Chandrabhaga River, Ban River, Shahanur River
Source Pokhrani Village
 - location Satpura Range, Baitul district, Gawilgarh ranges, Madhya Pradesh
 - coordinates 21°30′N 77°46′E / 21.500°N 77.767°E / 21.500; 77.767
Mouth Tapti river
 - location Changdev
 - coordinates 21°5′45″N 76°0′36″E / 21.09583°N 76.01000°E / 21.09583; 76.01000Coordinates: 21°5′45″N 76°0′36″E / 21.09583°N 76.01000°E / 21.09583; 76.01000

The Purna River is a river of Western India. It is one of the chief tributaries of Tapti river and empties in it at Changdev in Jalgaon, Maharashta.


A panorama of Purna River,Dhupeshwar, Malkapur. Purna is the main water source for Malkapur region.

It rises in the eastern Satpura Range of southern Madhya Pradesh state, and flows westward, draining Maharashtra's Marathwada, Vidarbha region before emptying into the Arabian Sea.

The watershed lies mostly in eastern Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and is nearly 18,929 km².[2]

It originates in Pokharni Village which is 2 km away from Bhainsdehi. Bhainsdehi is a thasil place in Betul district Madhya Pradesh adjoining Amravati district of Maharashtra and flows through Akola, Buldhana, and Jalgaon districts. Total length of Purna River is 334 km.[2]


The word purna means complete in Sanskrit. Purna River was also called as Payoshni or Paisani.[citation needed] It is Sanskrit word meaning ambrosia. There are other rivers too, viz. Khadakpurna, Katepurna, referred to as Purna.

River Basin and Tributaries[edit]

Bridge on Purna river joining two regions in Mahashtra i.e. Vidarbha and Khandesh

Here are the Purna river , with their tributaries

Notes and references[edit]

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