Purple and Brown

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Purple and Brown
Purple and brown logo.png
Written by Rich Webber
Directed by Rich Webber
Composer(s) Mark Thomas
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Ben Lock
Jacqueline White
Editor(s) Mike Percival
Production company(s) Aardman Animations
Original channel Nickelodeon

Purple and Brown is a British stop-motion animated short television series devised and directed by Rich Webber and edited by Mike Percival.[1] The series first aired March 2006, on the Nickelodeon's United Kingdom channel, and later became a staple on the American Nickelodeon network as part of its former Nick Extra short program.[2]


The series was devised and is directed by Webber and edited by Percival,[1] who also offer the voices of the characters. The series was initially set to launch on February 13, 2006, on Nickelodeon's channel in the United Kingdom.[3]

Purple and Brown is a creation of Aardman, who are more widely known for animating Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts, Angry Kid and Morph.[3]


The storyline is led by the characters of two clay blob friends, one purple and the other brown, who get caught in ridiculous situations. Purple and Brown don't speak, but they understand everything.[4] Despite any given predicament, the duo can never help but giggle with a low, recognizable laugh.


In 2007, Cartoon Brew offered a mild criticism of Aardman's recent work, but wrote that Purple and Brown marked "a wonderful return to their roots", and that the concept is "beautifully animated and hilariously executed".[5]


  1. Snowman (2006) - 15 seconds
  2. Spaghetti (2006) - 19 seconds
  3. Weewee (2006) - 21 seconds
  4. Irish Jig (2007)
  5. Seagull (2007) - 22 seconds
  6. Christmas (2007) - 59 seconds
  7. Big Green Thing
  8. Alien 2 – 11 seconds
  9. Magic Ball (2007)
  10. Beardly (2007) - 11 seconds
  11. Sleep (2007)
  12. Balloon (2007) - 22 seconds
  13. Hammer - 11 seconds


Mix Together[citation needed]
Cheese Heads[citation needed]
Fire Against Water[citation needed]



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