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The Pursuit Special is the fictional model of car driven by the officers of the fictional MFP (Main Force Patrol) in the Mad Max franchise of films.

Mad Max[edit]

A replica with intact air dam and headlight covers.
Replica of the Pursuit Special as it appeared in Mad Max

The first car shown in the film with the title Pursuit Special is a Holden Monaro stolen and driven by the escaped criminal, the Night Rider. The more famous Pursuit Special is a modified 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. Within this storyline, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) is offered the black Pursuit Special, referred to as a V8 Interceptor, as an incentive to stay on the force as their top pursuit man after he reveals his desire to quit. Although Max turns the offer down, he later uses the black car to exact his revenge on an outlaw motorcycle gang who killed his wife and child.


This car started out as a standard white 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe. Then in 1976, film makers Byron Kennedy and George Miller began pre-production on Mad Max. Murray Smith II was hired on as part of the film crew, and one of his tasks was to put together the Pursuit Special. He started by acquiring the XB Falcon, and along with Peter Arcadipane, Ray Beckerley, and various others, proceeded to modify the car to what was needed for the film.[citation needed] The main modification is the front nosecone, made of fiberglass and designed by Arcadipane (marketed as the "Concorde" style), the eight individual exhaust side pipes, and a non-functional supercharger protruding through the bonnet.

Mad Max 2[edit]

In the meantime, the low budget Australian film had gained worldwide success, prompting a sequel, Mad Max 2. The Pursuit Special was reacquired by Kennedy and Miller for use once more.[citation needed]

The rear wheels, supercharger and pipes were changed. The car was further modified to fit the setting of the new film, with large petrol tanks fitted in the back, and its general appearance given a more used and stressed look. The front end was also modified by removing the bottom section. As well as modifying the original car, a duplicate car was also put together for Mad Max 2.[citation needed]

When eventually the story required for the car to be destroyed by rolling down a ditch and then blown up, a duplicate car was used, leaving the original car.[citation needed] The car was rescued and restored somewhat, having a new nose cone fitted but retaining the fuel tanks from Mad Max 2.[citation needed] It was shown widely in Australia before being sold and shipped to the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in England, where it stayed until its closure in 2011. It is now located in the Dezer Car Museum in Miami Florida, USA.

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