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Pushover or Push Over may refer to:

  • Pushover EP, an EP by Australian artist Lisa Miller
  • Pushover (video game) (aka Push-Over), a game for the Amiga, Atari ST, DOS and SNES
  • Pushover (film) a 1954 film noir starring Kim Novak in her first major film role
  • "Pushover" is the name of a song by singer Etta James and is one of the tracks on her 1963 album Etta James Top Ten
  • "Push Over", a segment game from The Price Is Right
  • "Pushover", a song by The Long Winters from the 2006 album Putting the Days to Bed
  • A Pushover can mean a person who is too kind for their own good, and often taken advantage of, due to this fact.
  • "Pushover" can mean pushover analysis, which is part of seismic analysis