Pusong Mamon

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Pusong Mamon
Pusong mamon.jpg
Movie Screenshot
Directed by Joel Lamangan
Written by Ricardo Lee
Starring Eric Quizon
Albert Martinez
Lorna Tolentino
Release dates
Running time
120 mins
Language Tagalog

Pusong Mamon (English Title: Soft Hearts) is a romantic comedy film directed by Joel Lamangan.

The Film was rated PG-13 due to sexual elements, Eric Quizon who was one of the cast members confirmed in an interview that there will be a sequel of Pusong Mamon 2 to be seen in theaters in Mid-2012 produced by VIVA Films after 16 years.[1]


Unaware of her co-worker's sexuality, Annie tries to seduce Ron. After learning she's pregnant, she moves in with him despite her discovery that he is gay and living with a boyfriend Nick. Together, the trio navigates their way through a minefield of romantic difficulties while discovering the true meaning of love.



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