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Puspuni or Pushpuni is an annual agricultural festival observed on Full moon day of the month of Pusa.[1] The festival is celebrated throughout the Kosal region or Western Orissa. It is observed by the urban, rural and tribal people of Kosal region.[2][3][4] It is popularly known as “Chher-Chhera” festival. It is reported that the term chher-chhera has probably evolved from the orininal word ‘char-char’ meaning a drum. Drum or Dulduli baja is an integrated part of the Puspuni festival, as drum beating and dancing on the street is must. Very interesting and enjoyable scenes are enacted in the streets of villages of whole Kosal region. Various groups of Boys and girls, raise funds for ‘Chher-Chhera’ feasts from the families in the village, by entertaining people with songs, dance and music.[5] The festival is of great significance to the farmer and farming community of Kosal region. It is largely a community based festival related to the new harvest and celebrated through feasting and merrymaking. In addition, during this time the annual contract of land labourers or Halias comes to an end and payments by landowners and agreements on fresh contracts are finalised for the ensuing year.