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Puthuppally is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 9°33′33.96″N 76°34′19.98″E / 9.5594333°N 76.5722167°E / 9.5594333; 76.5722167Coordinates: 9°33′33.96″N 76°34′19.98″E / 9.5594333°N 76.5722167°E / 9.5594333; 76.5722167
Country  India
State Kerala
District Kottayam
 • Body Panchayat
 • Total 29,774
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 686011
Telephone code 91-481-235
Vehicle registration KL- 05
Nearest city Kottayam
Lok Sabha constituency Kottayam
Civic agency Panchayat
Climate http://kottayam.nic.in/profile/climate.htm (Köppen)
Website kottayam.nic.in

Puthuppally is a town in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India situated 8 km south of Kottayam town encircled by rivers, paddy fields and hills having over 30,000 population of various caste and creeds. It is surrounded by various Karas (principalities) Kadamuri, Erikadu, Vennimala Meenadom, Manganam, Eravinallore and Thrukothamangalam. The place has lot of rich NRI families working in the Middle East, many back from 1970s. Many people, mostly educated and cultured, have migrated to other cities of India and abroad over the years.

The place is famous for temples and churches and political, social and cultural activities.

Puthuppally is famous for its Christian church St. George Orthodox Church, of Malankara Orthodox Church, renowned as Puthuppally Pally, also known as Puthuppally Vailiyapally which built around seventeenth century.This church is situated on the western banks and eastern banks of the Kodoor River respectively, about a kilometer away from Puthuppally junction. A new road linking this church to Paloorpadi, Manganam is open and is a short cut to Kottayam.

PuthiyaTrikkovil Shiva temple is one of the oldest Shiva temples of South India which depicts Lord Shiva in the Kirata (Hunter) form. It is one of the rare temples having a Jaladhara Prathista.

Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshmana Perumal temple is one among the oldest Rama temples in South India. The temple situated in 4th ward in Puthuppally.

The presence of The Rubber Board of India in this area accounts for the higher density of rubber cultivation in this area.

Puthuppally Junction.
Puthuppally, Kottayam
Junction .


In general, Puthuappally has a hot humid climate. In the months of April, May it is summer and the temperature goes up to 37 °C. June July and August are the time of rain. December and the beginning January,it is winter. The winter nights and early mornings are cold and the temperature goes down to 28 °C. The weather here can change unexpectedly.


  • Shadkala Govinda Marar, a famous musician, lived here Vennimala. Vennimala was a major cultural centre during the rule of Venad Kings.
  • Puthuppally Hindu Mahasammelan (Started in 1996)A Hindu convention with a structure similar to the Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Parishad. It is conducted every year during the summer vacation
  • Puthuppally Ecumenical Fellowship celebrates Christmas every year at the Govt. Boys High School/Higher Secondary Ground, from 1982 onwards. This event is a social gathering of all kinds of people of the place.


Paddy cultivation is the livelihood of most of the farmers in this region. The presence of apt amount of rain in this region is the reason for paddy cultivation.In most of the houses,hens and cows are grown. Rubber cultivation is another other main cultivation.Rubber Board of India in Puthuppally accounts for the higher density of rubber cultivation in this area.


'The Puthuppally Firing' (Puthuppally Vediveyppu) during the Indian Freedom Struggle is one of the important historical events related to this place. One person got martyred in the Firing. In a late afternoon a youth named Maveli Kochu was on his way to the native ball playground unaware of the happenings. A stray bullet hit him in his navel and he died on the spot.

Puthupally is the stronghold of INC.

Puthuppally assembly constituency is part of Kottayam (Lok Sabha constituency).[1] The Chief Minister of Kerala Sri Oommen Chandy, is representing the Puthuppally Legislative Constituency since 1970


Puthuppally is famous for the native ball play. A ball which is made of leather is used. It is generally referred to as Naadan panthu kali or tukal panthu Kali. Kerala Native Ball Association's office is located in Puthuppally. This traditional game is facing a slow death as the new generation not finding it very attractive. Usually the game is played on leveled grounds and non availability of play grounds also accounts for the so-called slow death.

Naadan Panthu kali competition was last held at Puthuppally during February 2014.

The playground opposite to the Gov. Boys School on the 'High School Road' is one of the biggest grounds in Puthuppally. Games including Cricket, Football, Native ball play, etc. are being played here.


Puthuppally have mainly 2 religions- Christianity and Hinduism. St.Georges Church Puthuppally, or more known as "Puthuppally Pally " is famous all around Kerala.The Feast of this church last with 7 days of celebrations.The main fest is on 5, 6 and 7 of May with a shaking of this small town with crackers. The Sree Narayana Guru Temple is one of the main Temples in Puthuppally with a school associated to its name . St.Antonys, Poommottom Church or "Poomotton Pally"s main fest that is last Saturday and Sunday of January is a main fest all over the Central Puthuppally. 51% of Puthupally's Pupulation are Christians. Hindus make 44% and other religions make the remaining 5%. There is no diversity on the basis of religion here in Puthuppally.


  • ABOA public school
  • LP School Thalappady
  • Govt. Boys High School
  • St. George Girls High School
  • Technical Higher Secondary School and College of Applied Science, Payyappaddy
  • Don Bosco English Higher Secondary School and C.B.S.E School
  • Nursing College, Thalappady
  • V.J.O.M UP School, Near Siva temple
  • Kairaly Nursery School
  • Alfa School of Fine Arts
  • Georgian Public School
  • ST.Thomas High School Thottackad
  • ST.Mary's Public School Puthuppally
  • Sree Narayana central school, Puthuppally
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Rubber Board, Puthupally
  • Darsana CMI ICSE School, Poomottom


  • College of Applied Science, Payyappaddy
  • Gurudeva Institute of Science And Technology(GISAT) Payyappaddy


  • IPC Kottayam Theological Seminary

Famous People[edit]

  • Dr.E C G Sudarshan - Scientist ( Quantum Optics)
  • Oommen Chandy - Current Chief Minister of Kerala, India.
  • M. Ipe - Scholar and Author
  • V.J Oommen - Ex M.L.C (Member of the Travancore Legislative Council)
  • Vettom Mani - Scholar / Author on Indian Puranas
  • C J Roy - Former Vice Chancellor


  • Paret Mar Ivanios Hospital
  • Mar Gregorius Memorial Charitable Clinic - Nilackal Orthodox Church Puthuppally. (Free checkup and Medicines for Poor people)


  • Madhyavarjana Prasthanam (Alcoholic Anonymous) have a strong base in Puthuppally.
  • Y M C A Library & Reading Room is the library in the locality. Its at Kanjirathummoodu.

Temples in Puthuppally[edit]

  • Kadamuri Narasimhaswamy temple(Kadamuri near njaliakuzhi)
  • Vennimala Shrirama-Lakshmana Temple (Vennimala, near Payyapaadi)
  • Malakunnam Dharmasastha Temple
  • Kaalarikal Temple
  • Trikkayil Temple
  • Manganam Narasimhaswaamy Temple
  • Sree Narayana Guru Temple

Churches in Puthuppally[edit]

  • Puthuppally Pally St.George Orthodox Church Puthuppally
  • St.Mary's Marthoma church Rubber Board
  • Church of God in India (Full Gospel) Main Church Mandiram Kalungu
  • Nazareth Marthoma Church Thalappady
  • St. George Patriarcheal Church Iravinalur, Puthuppally
  • St. Gregorius Orthodox Church, Kumarankode
  • Nilackal Orthodox Church
  • St. James C.S.I Church Ericadu
  • Saint Paul's (Horeb) Marthoma Church, Puthuppally
  • The Pentecostal Mission
  • The Indian Pentecostal Church of God, Eben-Ezer Church (Othera Church)
  • Assemblies of God Church (Near Kannukuzhy Bridge)
  • St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian church, Ericadu
  • Agape Church of God Full Gospel Church, Thachukunnu
  • Tabore Worship Centre Puthuppally
  • Brethren Assembly, Parakkunnelpadi, Puthuppally
  • St.Antony's Church Poomottom, Puthuppally


  • State Bank of Travancore (With ATM)
  • Adhyapaka Co-Opt Bank
  • Federal Bank of India(With ATM)
  • Urban Bank
  • Axis Bank (ATM only)
  • South Indian Bank ( With ATM)
  • Indian Overseas Bank (with ATM)
  • Canara Bank, Vettathukavala (With ATM)


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