Puto (song)

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Single by Molotov
from the album ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas?
Released 1997
Genre Rap rock
Length 2:09
Label Universal Music Latino

Puto is a song by the Mexican band Molotov from their album ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas?. The word puto literally translates as "man-whore", which is often used as a derogatory term for gay males in Mexican Spanish, similar to the American slang word faggot. It is also used to mean "bastard". The term, as many other homophobic slur in Mexican Spanish is also used to describe an unmanly act such as cowardice. Although the song itself allegedly follows the latter connotation in which the group is mocking those who do not stand up for themselves, the lyrics do not only include "puto," but also "marica," and "joto," other homophobic slurs.

The band faced criticism when the song was interpreted as a slur against homosexuals. As a result, the group's first tour in Germany was met with crowds of angry gay and lesbian protestors.

In defense of the band and their use of the word "puto", producer Gustavo Santaolalla told an interviewer from the Spanish language rock and roll magazine Retila:

Spanish: Lo de 'homofóbico' te lo aclaro ya: en la canción 'Puto', la palabra, de ninguna manera está utilizada como un ataque a la comunidad homosexual, para nada. Se usa como se utilizaría en Argentina al decir 'turro', por ejemplo, un tipo que es un ...qué sé yo... un miserable, un 'loser', un tipo mala onda. No es un insulto a un homosexual. La letra dice, 'Puto el que nos quita la papa/el que creyó lo del informe...' Está dirigido específicamente a ese tipo de persona. Y por el lado de lo de sexista, las canciones están hechas con humor y dirigidas, precisamente, a toda esa mentalidad machista y latina.

English: About the homophobic thing, I'll clear that up now: in the song 'Puto', the word is in no way used as an attack on the homosexual community, at all. Its used like the word "turro" would be in Argentina, for example, a guy who is ...y'know... a wretch, a loser, a bad-vibe guy. Its not an insult to a homosexual. The lyrics say, 'Puto, who takes away our grub/Puto who believes what's on the news...' Its directed specifically to that type of person. And as for the sexism, the songs are all made with humor and aimed precisely at all that Latino-Macho mentality.

A remix version of the song exists on their second album Molomix.