Putuo District, Shanghai

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For the district in Zhejiang province, see Putuo District, Zhoushan.
Shanghai West Railway Station
Shanghai West Railway Station
Putuo in Shanghai
Putuo in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel sign.

Putuo District (simplified Chinese: 普陀区; traditional Chinese: 普陀區, Shanghainese: phu2du1 chiu1, Mandarin pinyin: Pǔtuó Qū) is a municipal district, 54.83 km2 (21.17 sq mi) located northwest of the central area of Shanghai, China.[1]


Putuo cover area of 54.83 square kilometers (21.17 sq mi). The name comes from the territory of Putuo Road. Suzhou Creek crosses the Putuo area. The Shanghai Putuo District People's Government is in Daduhe Road.

The Zhenru Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, and Changfeng Park are located here. The Shanghai West Train Station is in Putuo District.[2] East China Normal University has a Putuo campus.

Administrative division[edit]

The Putuo District has six subdistricts and three towns:


In 2009, the region's total registered population was 872,600.[citation needed] The natural growth rate of households was -1.99‰. At the end of 2009, there was a resident population of 1,135,900. The Putuo district is home to populations representing 44 minorities, the largest of whom are Chinese Muslims from the country's northwest. They account for a total minority population of 70%.


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Coordinates: 31°15′19″N 121°23′46″E / 31.2553°N 121.396°E / 31.2553; 121.396