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This is a completed puzzle ring with six bands.
This is exactly the same ring broken apart into six separate rings. The rings are interlocked so as not to become misplaced.

A traditional puzzle ring is a type of ring made up of four, six, eight, or twelve interconnected rings. Contemporary designs include rings of three, five or seven bands. Reassembly is a form of mechanical puzzle. Many are Italian or English from the Renaissance period, although they are becoming more common in North America.

They were developed from gimmal rings, which derive their name from the Latin gemelli, meaning "twins". Gimmal rings were used as wedding rings, because if the wearer took off the ring in order to cheat on his or her spouse, they would then be unable to put it together again in time to avoid discovery.[citation needed]

They are also sometimes called "Turkish wedding rings" or "harem rings".[citation needed]


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