Pyen language

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Native to Burma
Region Shan State
Native speakers
600  (2013)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pyy
Glottolog pyen1239[2]

Pyen (Hpyin, Phen) is a Loloish language of Burma. Currently, Pyen is only remembered by some elderly individuals, and is no longer understood by the younger generation, who now all speak Shan (Shintani 2009).

Kirk Person reports that Pyen is spoken in two villages near Mong Yang, Shan State, Burma, located just to the north of Kengtung.[3]

Pyen borrows more from Lahu and Shan, while Bisu borrows more from Northern Thai and Standard Thai. Pyen and Bisu are both mutually intelligible, since the two form a dialect chain along with Laomian and Laopin of China, and some Phunoi varieties of Laos (Person 2007).


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