Pyhäjärvi (Karelia)

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For other uses, see Pyhäjärvi (disambiguation).
Location Karelia
Coordinates 61°53′N 30°03′E / 61.883°N 30.050°E / 61.883; 30.050Coordinates: 61°53′N 30°03′E / 61.883°N 30.050°E / 61.883; 30.050
Basin countries Finland, Russia
Surface area 206.79 km²[1]
Max. depth 46 m
Surface elevation 79.6 m[1]
Settlements Kesälahti, Uukuniemi
References [1]

Pyhäjärvi (Russian: Пюхяярви) is a lake located mostly in Finland. The southeastern part of the lake is located in Russia.


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