Pyramid (Maribor)

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The Pyramid (Slovene: Piramida) is a low hill (altitude 386 m) in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. It is a popular excursion spot, affording a good view of the city. An ascent takes 15-30 minutes.


Until 1784 the hill was the site of the Upper Maribor Castle (Slovene: Mariborski grad, German: Schloss Marchpurg / Marburg) The castle was demolished around 1790; in the following decade its debris was used to construct a stone pyramid-like obelisk, which lent the hill its current name. In 1821 the pyramid was replaced with a chapel containing a statue of the Virgin Mary. There is a vineyard on the slopes below the chapel.

Visible remains of the castle include defensive groundworks and an unimproved well.