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Developer(s) Avantguarda Informatica
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows and Unix and Linux
Type quality management
License Proprietary
Website www.QCReporting.com

QC Reporting is a web-based reporting tool that extracts data from a database to produce reports from the test tool HP Quality Center. The resulting report can be outputted in the following formats:

QC Reporting targets testers, who spend much of their time writing and maintaining test reports, by attempting to reduce cycle times and improve accuracy. QC Reporting is usually installed as part of a company's intranet to preserve accessibility.

QC Reporting tool[edit]

QCReporting Completion forecast
QCReporting Completion forecast

HP Quality Center is the testing product used with QC Reporting. HP Quality Center comes with reports that can be built and set by the user but they often lead to a very long HTML output. Over the years, testers (usually test managers of a test team) would spend time creating and formatting reports for senior management. This process often takes a full working day to complete and usually involves multiple Excel report extracts. This in turn led to the writing of custom reports. These were often developed using one of two methods:

  • By connecting to Quality Center using 'VBScript' report script which extracts the data and creates a formatted report. The format of the report is set in the code.
  • By scripting with VBScript inside Quality Center in its workflow area. Quality Center allows adding custom buttons to its dashboard, which can then be used to trigger the custom report script.

The first option has become the most popular. Extracts can also be written to Microsoft Excel, which can then be used to create graphs.

The need for up-to-date information has also inspired additional methods for extracting data from HP Quality Center and formatting reports.

Example of a VB Script used to extract a QC report[edit]

The following VBScript can be executed by typing wscript scriptname.vbs at the command prompt.

The tool helps to make the need for scripts such as these a thing of the past. The following script is an example of what a test manager would have had to use to extract data from Quality Center.

Option Explicit
Dim QCConnection
Dim Excel, Sheet, CurrRow
Dim UserN, QCUserN, UserP, QCDomain, QCProj, QCAddr, XLSSavePos
Dim REQUsersTreeStr, WSHNetwork
QCUserN  = "QC_User_Name"
UserP    = "QC_User_Password"
QCDomain = "QC_Domain_Name"
QCProj   = "QC_Project_Name"
QCAddr   = "http://SomeServer:8080/qcbin"
WScript.Echo "Initialising...."
Set Excel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 'Open Excel
Excel.ScreenUpdating = False
Set WSHNetwork  = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
UserN = WshNetwork.UserName
Set WSHNetwork = Nothing
Set QCConnection = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
QCConnection.InitConnectionEx QCAddr
QCConnection.login QCUserN, UserP
QCConnection.Connect QCDomain, QCProj
If (QCConnection.Connected <> True) Then
    WScript.Echo "QC Project Failed to Connect"
End If
On Error Resume Next
WScript.Echo "Extract from QC here and format it out"
If Err.number <> 0 Then WScript.Echo Err.Description & ":" & Err.Number
'Note: This will attempt to save the XLS into UserN's DESKTOP. please check the folder location first
XLSSavePos = "C:\Documents and Settings\" & UserN & "\Desktop\" & QCProj & ".xls"
Excel.ScreenUpdating = True
WScript.Echo "Attempting to save to folder:'" & XLSSavePos & "'"
Set Excel = Nothing
WScript.Echo "Report Complete"

QC Reporting Integration With HP Quality Center[edit]

There are a number of ways the reporting tool integrates with HP Quality Center to reduce unnecessary manual work:

  • Users are not created in QC Reporting, instead they are synchronized from HP Quality Center. The synchronization includes their user settings and access rights to domains and projects.
  • Data managed and altered in HP Quality Center is reported on using a read-only user in QC Reporting.
  • Customization, such as user fields, made in HP Quality Center are reported on through QC Reporting.

QC Reporting tool support[edit]

The tool offers user support and functionality to manage itself.

User Support

User support is primarily managed through a Web-based ticket system for the clients own installed instance of the tool.

  • Tickets can be user- or group-owned
  • Tickets can be escalated
  • Simple requests such as needing a new report can be raised as a ticket
  • Fixes to tickets appear through the automatic update system
Tool maintenance
  • An auto update facility downloads and installs the latest updates from the support site. The update is encrypted over https.
  • The tool verifies each transmission with its unique client license information

QC Reporting was born[edit]

QCReporting Test Allocation
QCReporting Test Allocation

HP Quality Center is a testing tool that is very common in the testing world. The test tool is divided into four main categories. The QC Reporting follows those categories. They are:

  • Requirements and coverage assurance report. These can be business, design, functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Test plan
  • Test Lab
  • Defects
  • Dashboards. These are overview cross-project and cross-domain reports. (Most popular with upper management).
  • Test Exit reports - at the end of every phase and cycle issue the report summaries the finding, the coverage and the outcome.
  • The additional category is Audit reports which follow the Sarbanes–Oxley legislation.

The tool is positioned as a time-saving device that improves accuracy: producing the Test Exit report, which includes all the customized fields of QC Reporting is just one button click away; or a few if you would like to exclude certain parts of the default settings.

The tool provides a comprehensive overview of the test coverage reports showing horizontal and vertical tractability between all of the project requirements and test scripts while highlighting where there may be gaps, such as missing requirements or orphaned test scripts.

QC Reporting aims to provide a comprehensive, intuitive dashboard that allows the user an overview of their project.

The tool plays a role in the Impact Assessment procedure, providing conscious and unambiguous views of the real impact of the change or of the delay to the defect fix.

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