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Qaisumah is located in Saudi Arabia
Location in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 28°18′35″N 046°07′39″E / 28.30972°N 46.12750°E / 28.30972; 46.12750Coordinates: 28°18′35″N 046°07′39″E / 28.30972°N 46.12750°E / 28.30972; 46.12750
Country  Saudi Arabia
Province Eastern (Ash Sharqiyah)

Qaisumah or Al Qaysumah (Arabic: القيصومة‎) is a village belonging to the city of Hafar Al-Batin, in Eastern Province (also known as Ash Sharqiyah), Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 28°18′35″N 46°7′39″E / 28.30972°N 46.12750°E / 28.30972; 46.12750.

The weather here are extreme with rainfall ranging between 5-10 mm. Summer temperatures ranges from 45-51 degrees Celsius. Whereas the winter temperatures may go below freezing point(between -1 to 6 degrees Celsius), with the lowest temperature recorded is -6 degree Celsius. The town has 100% Islam religion with no minorities in and around the town.[Citation needed]