Qalat, Zabul Province

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Qalat is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°6′22″N 66°54′25″E / 32.10611°N 66.90694°E / 32.10611; 66.90694Coordinates: 32°6′22″N 66°54′25″E / 32.10611°N 66.90694°E / 32.10611; 66.90694
Country  Afghanistan
Province Zabul Province
Elevation 5,090 ft (1,550 m)
Population (2010)
 • Total 32,000
Time zone UTC+4:30

Qalāt (Pashto: قلات‎, Persian: قلات‎), or Kalāt-e Ghiljī (Pashto: کلات غلجي‎), is a town in southern Afghanistan and the capital of Zabul Province. It is linked by a highway with Kandahar to the southwest and Ghazni to the northeast. In 2006, Zabul's first airstrip was built near Qalat.[1] It is also home to the U.S.-led Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul that assists in development projects and building governance throughout the province.

Other names[edit]

Qalat has been known as Qalāt-e Ghiljī, Qalāt-e Khiljī, Qalāt-e Tokhī, and Kalāt.

Notable sites[edit]

  • The local skyline is dominated by a fortress constructed by the forces of Alexander the Great(see: Qalat (fortress)).[2]
  • Ghar Bolan Baba, a 730m deep cave historically used for religious purposes[3]

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