Qarabagh District, Kabul

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Not to be confused with Qarabagh District, Ghazni. ‹See Tfd›
Qarabagh District
Location in Kabul Province
Location in Kabul Province
Country  Afghanistan
Province Kabul Province
Capital Qara Bagh
Time zone AST (UTC+04:30)

Qarabagh District is located 50 kilometers north of Kabul City in Afghanistan, and 20 kilometers southeast of Bagram Airbase. The district is part of Kabul Province and is on the route between Kabul and Parwan Province. It has a population of 15,000, with an expected 19,000 more people to return from Pakistan and Iran in the future (2002 official UNHCR est.). As of 2002 around 60% of the population are Tajiks and 40% Pashtuns.[1]

Qarabagh district borders Guldara and Istalif districts to the north, Parvan Province to the south and east, and Deh Sabz and Kalakan districts to the south.

The headquarters is the town of Qara Bagh, which is located in the western part of the district. The whole district has suffered severe damages. All agricultural, health and education infrastructures were completely destroyed during the wars. Many people fled from the district. This district produces 9% of the raisins produced in Afghanistan, most of its residents being owners of large vineyards.

Most important people in this distract are Anwar khan Oriakhill and Shir Shah khan Oriakhill. Anwar Khan Oriakhill is a member of Parliament representing Kabul. Most Educated People are Daudzai People.


Haji Saleh Mohammad Khan Qarabaghi has remained the most popular character of the region who was the leader to many suburbs around. Now his offsprings continue the help and support; they have also built a high school closely located in Qarabagh bazaar. Other important people include: Mohammad Omar Dawoodzai, Abdullah Ahmadzai, Waheed Omer, Anwar Khan Oriakhil and Haji Mohammad Sadiq, Haji Gul Afghan and ustad abdul rahman qazi daudzai.

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