Qaruh Island

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Qaruh Island (Arabic: جزيرة قاروه‎) is an island belonging to the state of Kuwait, which received its name from the large amounts of petroleum sediments in the area (known as Qar in Arabic). It is the smallest of the nine islands, and also the furthest island from the Kuwaiti mainland. It is located 37.5 kilometers away from the mainland, and 17 kilometers away from Umm al Maradim. The island is roughly 275 meters long by 175 meters at its widest (area about 3.5 ha. The island was also the first part of Kuwaiti soil that was liberated from Iraq during the Gulf War on January 21, 1991.

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Coordinates: 28°49′03″N 48°46′35″E / 28.81750°N 48.77639°E / 28.81750; 48.77639