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Qasba Colony is one of the Union Concil of S.I.T.E. Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[1]

There are several ethnic groups in Qasba Colony including Muhajirs, Pakhtuns,Hazarewal, Sindhis and Punjabis. Over 99% of the population is Muslim. Where about 40% of population consists of Urdu Speakers while 30% Pukhtuns 20% Hazarewal and 10% other ethnic groups. The population of Qasba Colony is estimated to be nearly 90,000. Total area of this Union council is 5.37 square kilometers.

It is a well-developed colony established by Saudi Government in 1965. There are two colleges in this locality one is Degree Science & Commerce College for men and other is Degree Science & Commerce College for girls.

There are several parks in the colony with one flood lights decorated football ground. There is an Interlink[2] between North Nazimabad & Qasba Colony constructed by the National Highway Authority[3] (NHA), inaugurated by Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan along with City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal on 15 October 2009, after that Orangi Town, Qasba Colony and Other SITE Town's union councils using this way to travel easily from these towns to North Nazimabad & North Karachi.


In qasba colony many facilities are available for the peoples like Parks, playgrounds, football stadium private & government schools, private hospitals and clinics, and OPP is playing an important role for the health and many other useful facilities for qasba peoples.

Main Areas[edit]

  • Quarters Area.
  • Sector A, A-1, R-1, E, F, 5-AL, G, H, K & LS. Area.
  • Mohammad Pur.
  • Muslimabad.
  • Peerabad.


  • jamia masjid Akbar (5-al)
  • jamia masjid Khadijat-ul-kubra (5-al)
  • Madina masjid (A sector)
  • Mohammadi masjid (peerabad)
  • Alfalah masjid (muslimabad)


  • Govt.Degree Science & Commerce College For Men
  • Govt.Degree Science & Commerce College For women


  • Govt. Boys & Girls Sec. School
  • Govt. Boys & Girls Sec. School (K-Area)
  • Shahbaz Secondary School (A-Area)
  • Queen Marry School (A-Area, Closed)
  • Care for Grammar School (Quarter Area)
  • Helicon Grammar School (Quarter Area)
  • Pak Grammar School (Closed)
  • Fine Hills View School (E-Area)
  • citizen grammer school (E-Area)


  • Kamal Ansari(PARA BHAI) Football Ground (Adjacent UC-8 Office)
  • Ali Crirket Ground (Qasba 2 1/2 No.)
  • Nadeem-ur-Rehman Park (R-1 Area)
  • Queen Marry Park (A-Area)
  • Ashfaq Shaheed Park (A-1 Area)
  • Wali Nagar (Qasba 5-L)
  • Afridi Nagar (Peerabad)
  • Bacha Khan Park (Peerabad)

Public Representatives of Area[edit]

  • Mehboob Alam (MNA, NA-242)
  • Mazahir Ameer Khan (MPA, PS-96)
  • Izharuddin Ahmed Khan (X-Town Nazim)
  • Syed Badshah Khan (X-Naib Town Nazim)
  • Meer Fasahatullah (X-Nazim)


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Coordinates: 24°56′N 67°01′E / 24.933°N 67.017°E / 24.933; 67.017