Qasr Hammam As Sarah

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Qasr Hammam As-Sarah
Qasr As-Sarah, front view.jpg
The front view of the main bath complex
General information
Type bath
Architectural style Umayyad
Location Jordan, Qasr Hammam As-Sarah

Qasr Hammam As-Sarah is an Umayyad bathhouse located in Jordan, approximately 2 kilometers east of the Qasr al Hallabat. It is one of the Umayyad buildings in Jordan collectively known as the desert castle. The design of the bathhouse shows similarities to the design of Qasr Amra, another of the Desert Castles. Today most of the bath complex as well as the accompanying mosaics and sculpture are being conserved.[1] The design consists of a rectangular audience hall as well as the actual baths. The baths consist of an apodyterium, tepidarium and caldarium.

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