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Fanar, Qatar Islamic Culture Center & Mosque (commonly known as Fanar) is a mosque in Doha, the capital of Qatar. It is located close to the corniche road and is a prominent landmark in Doha Bay. Its main features including its unique minaret design. Qatar Mosque is currently the largest mosque in Qatar.

Traditional Qatari mosques were made of coral rock, mud and wood, as opposed to the mosques from the 21st century built of brick and mortar. These materials now allow the construction of high domes, replacing the flat roofs composed of four layers depicted in the model above. Moreover, traditional mosques featured courtyards, which are rarely seen in modern mosques. Finally, the traditional outdoor "mothawaddah" in the form of a pool has been replaced with wash basins and running water.

Qatar Islamic Culture Center attracted many Muslim personalities such as Yusuf Estes, Bilal Philips and Mouad Gouzrou.

Coordinates: 25°10′19″N 51°19′43″E / 25.172028°N 51.32860°E / 25.172028; 51.32860

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