Qazi Muhammad Essa

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Lahore Resolution 22–24 March 1940

Qazi Muhammad Essa (Qazi Essa) had great participation in the formation of political party of Muslims (Muslim league) Balochistan before 1947. He paid its contribution for the formation of Pakistan. Qazi Muhammad Essa was the first man introduced Muslims political party in Balochistan, he was From Hazara people. He had represented Balochistan in Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Lahore قرارداد لاھور), commonly known as the Pakistan Resolution (قرارداد پاکستان Qarardad-e-Pakistan), September was a formal political statement adopted by the Muslim League at the occasion of its three-day general session on 22–24 March 1940 that called for greater Muslim autonomy in British India. His nephew Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, was a high profile Pakistani diplomat. He was Pakistani High Commisner in India, Pakistan's permanent representative in UNO, and UN Secretary Geneeral special Representative in Iraq. His son Qazi Essa is Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court since 5, August 2009.

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