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Industry Public Transport
Founded April 2008
Headquarters Amersfoort, Netherlands
Key people
Rob van Holten; Leon Struijk
Website Qbuzz.nl
MAN Lion's City bus in Drachten in 2008.
Mercedes-Benz Integro in Utrecht CS in December 2013

Qbuzz is a public transport bus company in the Netherlands. It operates services in Utrecht, Drenthe, Groningen, and south-east Friesland.


Qbuzz was founded in 2008 by two former directors of Connexxion. Having a 49% stake in Qbuzz upon foundation, NS obtained the remaining 51% in 2013, resulting in Qbuzz being a 100% daughter of NS.[1] Qbuzz has faced a number of legal challenges by established transport operators in the Netherlands.[2][3]


Qbuzz started providing bus services in Friesland and Rotterdam; in 2009 it won the right to run bus services in Groningen and Drenthe from Arriva.[4] Since December 2011, Qbuzz operates the bus and tram services in Utrecht using the name U-OV.[5]

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