Qemal Stafa

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For the stadium named after him, see: Qemal Stafa Stadium
Qemal Stafa
Qemal Stafa.jpg
Born 20 March 1920
Elbasan, Albania
Died 5 May 1942 (age 22)
Tirana, Albania
Nationality Albanian
Other names Brutus
Known for Founding member of the Albanian Communist Party

Qemal Stafa (20 March 1920 in Elbasan - 5 May 1942 in Tirana) was a founding member of the Albanian Communist Party, and the leader of its youth section.


Qemal Stafa studied in Shkoder and then at the Tirana Lyceum (subsequently named Qemal Stafa High School)[1] He was very active in the National Liberation Movement of Albania during World War II. He was killed in a house at the outskirts of Tirana by the Italian fascist forces, who had occupied Albania. It is believed that he may have been betrayed by one or more of his comrades, possibly Enver Hoxha (the first secretary of the Albanian communist party & leader of Albania), who gained much from his death. The source of these allegations may derive from the deaths of many communist party members, during and after WWII, caused by the same Enver Hoxha. The 5th of May, his death anniversary, was chosen after the end of the war as the Martyrs' Day of Albania to commemorate all those who gave their life for Albania's liberation.

Many streets, squares and schools in different cities bear his name as well as a military base and the most important stadium in the country.


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