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Qflash was an attempt to make a clone of Adobe Flash for Linux. Although emphasis was placed on cloning the interface, little emphasis was placed on providing the same level of functionality as Flash.

There are other open source initiatives that have a similar goal as QFlash. Flash 4 Linux and KToon are just two out of a handful of such open source projects. In the case of KToon, however, the objective was not to make a clone of Flash, rather a program that would provide the same level of functionality as Flash, yet function under Linux.

Recently, Qflash has gotten together with Flash 4 Linux (F4L) to create a joint program: UIRA. Yet, even F4L's development has been abandoned.

Clash, however, is an ongoing open source project that is capable of creating SWF animations. It is also aimed to an SWF authoring Free Software.

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