Cianjin District

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Coordinates: 22°37′43.7″N 120°17′41.6″E / 22.628806°N 120.294889°E / 22.628806; 120.294889

Cianjin District in Kaohsiung City
Cianjin District
Kaohsiung Public Library

Cianjin District (Chinese: 前金區; Hanyu Pinyin: Qiánjīn Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Ciánjin Cyu; Wade–Giles: Ch'ien2-chin1 Ch'ü1) is a downtown district of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It is the third smallest district in Kaohsiung City.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Cianjin District consists of 20 villages and 263 neighborhoods.[1]

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The district is accessible from City Council Station and Central Park Station of the Kaohsiung MRT.

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