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This article is about the CG Chinese animated TV series directed by Robin Shen. For a 2014 Chinese animated film, aka "The Legend of Qin" ,directed by Robin Shen, see The Legend of Qin.
The Legend of Qin
The Legend of Qin 5 Season poster.jpg
Created by Sayling Wen (original story)
Written by Robin Shen
Directed by Wu Yun
Robin Shen
Voices of Feng Junhua
Shen Dawei
Shen Lei
Huang Yiqing
Sun Ye
Zhai Wei
Hong Haitian
Opening theme Moonlight by Anson Hu
Composer(s) Westlife
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 103
Executive producer(s) Robin Shen
Producer(s) Chen Qianyuan
Robin Shen
Production company(s) Sparkly Key
Original airing 2007

The Legend of Qin (Chinese: 秦时明月; pinyin: qín shí míng yuè), aka Qin's Moon is a CG Chinese animated TV series written and directed by Robin Shen (Shen Leping). The story is based on the novel of the same name by Taiwanese writer and entrepreneur Sayling Wen (Wen Shiren). It is China's first 3D wuxia animation, produced by Sparkly Key (Hangzhou Xuanji Science & Technology Information Corporation (Hangzhou StarQ) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The title means "The bright moon of Qin Era", quoted from a famous poem. Here it also contains the names of the two heroes. Ming (bright) is the hero Tianming, Yue (moon) is the heroine Yue-er.

This TV series was broadcast around Chinese New Year in 2007.[1] The background of this TV series is begin from the building of the first Chinese empire: Qin to the end of the Capital of Qin which named XianYang been compromised by the soldiers from Chu. The span of this series is 30 years(including memories). It shows a juvenile named Tianming, who has the blood of heroes, grew up to a hero, as well as changed the development of the history with his ability. It is an inspirational TV series which combines martial arts, fantasy, history together with each other, and leads the audience to witness the surging, magnificent and beautiful ancient Chinese world two thousand years ago.


The Legend of Qin follow through the Qin dynasty time when the Emperor of the Qin, King Zheng conquers the other 6 nations and unified the whole of China to the rise of the king of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, who capture the capital city, Xianyang.

The story circle around a young protagonist, Jing Tianming who carries the blood of a hero turning from a weak and ignorant young boy into a great hero, who single-handedly changes the process of history.

Following the story, different moments of history and folk's myth will be re-light, heroes and swordsman that causes the change of history will appear in the land of unrest and chaotic times of great china. Young protagonist, Tianming whose life is as strong as weeds that survive in the era of change, among the chaos, the face of violence in the regime, dangerous enemies, difficult family relationships, friendship, love, the profound changes, reincarnation of sorrows and joys, eventually the end of this era became the start of a new era of decisive force, the brilliant achievements of a romantic legend.


For a list of all the characters, see List of Qin's Moon characters.

  • Jing Tianming: He is a bright and cheerful boy, at the age of 12 or 13. He is playful and mischievous though protective of his friends. He has a crush on Gao Yue (Yue-er), a girl under the care of Mohists, though he thinks that her big sister, Duanmu Rong, is a cold person whose face is 'stiff as a board'. He treats Ge Nie as his father, and aspires to become a swordsman just like him. He also has a continuous rivalry with Xiang Shaoyu, and a playful relationship with Master Ban. He has a 'passionate' love for food and immediately goes berserk if someone eats his food or destroys it. Although quite shallow in certain aspects, his loyalty, braveness and innocence stand out as some of his more positive traits. Perhaps the most driving aspect of his character, is his belief that his father will return to him one day, thus motivating him to become one of the most famous swordsmen in the world.
  • Gao Yue: She is quite cheerful, playful and generous, as well as kind and innocent. She often getting along easy with almost everyone. She and Tianming are good friends, and she treats Duanmu Rong as her sister, often referring her as "Sister Rong". She is extremely bright and intelligent and can analyse things very accurately. She solved many mysteries in the forbidden ground when nobody else knew the answer. She seems to have powers in seeing stars and a complicated relationship with Moon Goddess.
  • Xiang Shaoyu: Shaoyu is from the royal tribe of Chu. He is very proud of his tribe and will constantly praise and speak of how powerful his tribe is. He is extremely strong and has excellent kong fu skills. He is a very friendly character and loves Tianming to call him Da Ge aka Big Brother. He has a very cheerful and warm personality and is very knowledgeable in many areas. He is usually the logical thinker, and is good at analysing situations and events.
  • Shi Lan Qin's Moon: A very mysterious character who is quiet. She works in Chief Ding's restaurant, but she is actually extremely skilled in martial arts and lightness skills. She is also good at magic arts and once saves Shaoyu and Tianming. Shaoyu seems to have fallen for her. She's real name is Xiao Yu from Shu tribe. It's highly possible that she's inspired by the historical figure Yu Ji, Xiang Yu's most loved consort.In season 4,she is mentioned as a Miao princess.


For a list of all the episodes, see List of Qin's Moon episodes.

  • Season 1: The first season of The Legend of Qin, explaining about Emperor Qin's wild ambitions to bring all six nations into one. This story began from Ge Nie rebelling from the Qin Empire and finding an orphaned boy named Tianming. Ge Nie was severely injured and luckily met Shao Yu from the Kingdom of Chu. At the same time, Emperor Qin had teamed up with the Han Kingdom's assassin group, known as Quicksand - consisting of Wei Zhuang as the leader to destroy the Mohist School. This was also when the disciples of the Mohist School first appeared - one of the philosophers that focuses on anti-war and universal love, started by Mozi. Duanmu Rong was a divine physician and Gao Yue was her assistant. Gao Yue (Yue-er) is discovered to be the princess of the Yan Kingdom, and that Wei Zhuang had killed her father. Together, they brave adventures and fight against Ying Zheng (Emperor Qin) for each other and the world. Eventually, they also met Da Tiechui and Xuenu, with Gao Jianli yet to arrive - also being Mohist disciples.
  • Season 2: The second season was when Emperor Qin had sent Quicksand to destroy the Machinery City, the lair of the Mohist School. Wei Zhuang, the leader of Quicksand sent his subordinates to poison the water in the Machinery City, causing everyone to lose their defence. He then seized the Machinery City. At the same time, Duanmu Rong had sent the three kids, Tianming, Shao Yu and Gao Yu into the forbidden grounds of the Mohist School, a place where nobody could enter without permission. Getting past all the phases in the forbidden grounds required more than alertness, and strength, but also the ability to reason and think within a very short amount of time. Together, they pass through phases of tests, growing stronger together and fighting against Quicksand and Gongshu Chou, an anti-Mohist who is on Quicksand's team and built his mechanisms especially to deal with the Mohist School. In the end, it was one on one battle between Ge Nie with Wei Zhuang, Yue-er being taken by the Moon Goddess and Tianming suddenly appearing from Ge Nie's back and stabbing him.
  • Season 3: Season three ended where Ge Nie and Wei Zhuang were about to fight, but Ge Nie seemingly was attacked by Tianming in the back. It was really not Tianming who did that, but Black Unicorn. Ge Nie and Wei Zhuang came from the same sect, called Ghost Valley. This sect only takes in two disciples and the two must fight until one wins and the other loses. Unfortuately, Ge Nie is knocked unconscious and Tianming being threatened to be killed if the remaining Mohist disciples did not fight Wei Zhuang's team. The battle arc showed a bit of Ge Nie and Tianming's past, as well as Gao Jianli, Xuenu and Da Tiechui's pasts, with flashbacks showing the meaning of true strength, dying for a brother, one of the most beautiful dances and a crazy hyper Tianming's father, Jing Ke who simply loved one. All these pasts showed the unique backgrounds of the characters and where they draw their strengths. The next arc revolved around the Confucian School helping out the Mohist School (even though usually those two never have any associations with each other) but they have decided to put aside their differences. Also, the Yin and Yang School looks as if they are up to something. Yue-er was given a new name and told she was Jiru Qianlong and looks like a major event is going to happen with Mirage, a city on the ocean.
  • Season 4: The fourth season happened when the city authorities collapsed and the Mohist forces almost eliminated. The Qin Empire went back's dream of peace and prosperity. Emperor utilized numerous labor to build the Great Wall and planned to do more sophisticated programs. Various factions came together to Songhai for breaking the Emperor's ambition. The small town's peace is completely broken. The giant boat "Mirage" is coming towards where? Those are all the mysteries that need to be found by the main characters of the series.


The Machinery City[edit]

The headquarters of the Mohist School. A city built among the mountains and cliffs, guarded with machines and traps. The Mohists live here together and call this city "The Paradise In Human World". Tianming, Ge Nie arrive at the City in Season 1, Wei Zhuang and Qin's armies capture the City in Season 2, and in Season 3 after Wei Zhuang's retreat, Yan Dan orders the self-destruction of the City to hide the "last secret" which is still unknown now.

  • The Waterfall and the Pool: The Drawbridge Waterfall and the Central Pool. The Waterfall which provides power for the city, beneath the waterfall is one of the four machinery creatures, Xuanwu(black tortoise), which controls power. The Pool spreads water to the whole city. In Season 2, the Pool water is poisoned, thus the whole city is paralysed.
  • The Core and the Rotunda: The Mohist Core chamber and the Central Rotunda. The Core is where people can control every machine in the city, the only safe place when the city is captured. There are numberless traps in the Rotunda, and all the significant battles between Mohist and Wei Zhuang take place in the Rotunda.
  • The Forbidden Land: The place with extraordinary machines and traps, no one is allowed to enter without permission. In fact is used to select new Mohist head, those who enter the land must pass all kinds of trials to survive. The Overlord's Spear, Illusional Music Box, No War Sword, and the fourth machinery creature Qinglong (Green Dragon) are kept here.
  • Others: The Heaven Corridors, corridors built aside high cliffs. The Sword-founding Pool, Master Xu's place, with many treasure swords, the place where Canhong was made.


This is the east border of Qin, the coast of the sea. In real history, the emperor sent people to sail to the ocean, seeking for the way of living forever. After the destruction of the Machinery City, the Mohists come to Sanghai to work their next plan.

  • Youjian Hotel (There is a Hotel): A secret Mohist headquarters, where Mohists watch the Qin's armies' actions. Paoding works here as the chief, and Shi Lan is now his assistant. There is also a secret headquarters in the mountains, guarded by Mohists disguised as normal people.
  • Junior Sage Villa (basically the junior shows modesty): The headquarters of Confucianist School, the holy ground of knowledge in people's eyes. Twenty years ago, there was a fire disaster that destroyed almost the whole villa. According to the scenes in the OP, it's very likely that the villa will be burnt again like what will happen in real history. There are several places mentioned here, the Half Bamboo Garden where Xun Tze lives, the Six-Skill Chamber where the students take classes, the Self-Reflection Apartment where the students live, the Library Tower keeping a huge collection of books.
  • The Mirage: A huge ship with numberless buildings on it. The name means Shen (a kind of sea dragon) Palace, which is Mirage. In Chinese, mirage is called Haishi Shenlou (Palaces created by Shen, Cities floating on the sea). At the end of Season 3, a mirage once appears at Sanghai, it seems it is in fact Mount Shu, Shilan's hometown. Shenlou will take the Yin-yang magicians to the sea searching for immortality. Many mysterious treasures are taken with them. This ship was also a significant setting in Season 4.


  • The Medician Villia of Mirror Lake: Once a Mohist place where Duanmu Rong lives. No one can find it if there are no inside guides. There is a rule in the villia, that Duanmu Rong never treats those whose family name is Ge, those who come from Qin Kingdom, and those who get wounded in sword fightings caused by their own violence and aggression.
  • Xianyang Palace: The Palace where emperor Ying Zheng lives. It seems Tianming has been there before and seen the No.1 sword Tianwen.
  • The Sparrow Pavilion: A beautiful place where everything was, however it was also an prison to many. The recent owner of the place was Nong Yu, who's actually an assassin on a mission to kill Ji Wuye, the General of the Han Kingdom.


Four seasons have been broadcast as well as three special editions and the movie. The fifth season is currently airing. There is a total of 7 seasons.[1]

The airing was not only in China,but also in Vietnam,Cambodia,and Burma

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