Qingdaobei Railway Station

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Qingdaobei Station
Qingdao North Station
Qingdao North Station 01.JPG
Qingdao North Station
Province Shandong
(See other stations in Shandong)
City Qingdao
District Licang
Canghai Lu
Coordinates 36°10′9″N 120°22′18″E / 36.16917°N 120.37167°E / 36.16917; 120.37167Coordinates: 36°10′9″N 120°22′18″E / 36.16917°N 120.37167°E / 36.16917; 120.37167
Pinyin Code Qingdaobei
Station statistics
Operator(s) Jinan Railway Bureau,
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s) Jiaoji Railway,
Jiaoji Passenger Railway
No. of platforms 8
Aiga bus inv.svg Major bus terminal(s) attached to the station

Qingdao North Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 青岛北站; traditional Chinese: 青島北站; pinyin: Qīngdǎoběi zhàn) is a railway station in Qingdao, Shandong in the People's Republic of China.

The main roof surface is 72 800 square metres, covering the 44 000 square metres main hall.


Designed by AREP and MaP3 during a competition in 2007, Qingdao north railway station is built on an artificial land by the sea. The project is inspired by marina's landscape (seagulls, boats masts, cables).

The structure shape is obtained by moving and rotating identical frames : "arches" and roof beams, connected together by braced brackets and cables diagonals.

Arches and beams are welded on a central beam, with a triangular box section, sheltering technical catwalk. The whole structure is fabricated with folded steel sheets.

The roofing is made by aluminium plates interrupted by polycarbonate strips. The ceiling is made by aluminium blades.


The construction is handled by CSCEC, general contractor. The steel structure was fabricated in Nanjing.

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