Qinghe Railway Station

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Coordinates: 40°02′19″N 116°18′36″E / 40.03861°N 116.31000°E / 40.03861; 116.31000

Qinghe railway station (click for bigger version)

Qinghe railway station (Chinese: 清河站; pinyin: Qīnghé Zhàn) is a railway station in Beijing.


There are 5 passenger trains stop at the station everyday:

Train No. Arrive Depart Stops
Y575 13:28 13:29 1 min Beijing northYanqing
4449 17:15 17:23 8 min Beijing northLonghua
4450 14:38 14:39 1 min LonghuaBeijing north
6453 06:31 06:38 7 min Beijing northLuanping
6454 20:58 21:16 18 min LuanpingBeijing north

Note: Updated in Sep. 2010.

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