Qinghuayuan Railway Station

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Coordinates: 39°58′52″N 116°20′01″E / 39.98111°N 116.33361°E / 39.98111; 116.33361 Qinghuayuan railway station (simplified Chinese: 清华园站; traditional Chinese: 清華園站; pinyin: qīng huá yuán zhàn) is a railway station in Beijing.


The current Qinghuayuan railway station

The construction work of the station was completed in 1910. The station was located near the east gate of Tsinghua University. In early 1950s, the old station moved to its new location, about 0.5 kilometers south to the former station. The new station located south to 4th Ring Road, just east to the later built elevated Beijing Subway line 13.


7 passenger trains stop at the station everyday:

Train No. Arrive Depart Stops
Y568 10:38 10:39 1 min YanqingBeijing north
Y572 12:50 12:51 1 min YanqingBeijing north
4450 14:49 14:51 2 min LonghuaBeijing north
Y579 15:06 15:07 1 min Beijing northYanqing
Y584 18:19 18:22 3 min YanqingBeijing north
6454 21:26 21:34 8 min LuanpingBeijing north
4449 16:50 17:05 15 min Beijing northLonghua

Schedule updated on Sep. 12th, 2010. Note: Trains with the number 7xxxx have been cancelled due to the opening of Line S2.

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