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Qnext Corporation is a global developer of private cloud technologies that securely connect users to their content in real-time. Qnext is committed to simplifying and protecting your digital life through innovation, imagination and state-of-the-art technologies. The Qnext patented platform is the first to offer secure file access and sharing from multiple storage locations enabling users to securely access, share and manage content on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device through one digital dashboard.

Access and share any digital content from Computers, FTP Servers, NAS Routers, Smart WiFi, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and other places where digital content is stored from a single dashboard.

FREE download at http://qnext.com/, itunes, google play and most all Android App store worldwide.

One Dashboard Access to All Your Digital Content Locations Even if a users computer is halfway across the globe, all of the content on it is accessible to them instantly - from a smartphone, tablet or another computer. Once a user connects to their computers, they can view all their files, download them to another device or share them. Never worry about leaving behind a file, or running out of space on a mobile device. The Qnext mobile and desktop apps allow you to simultaneously connect to all of a users computers, cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Skydrive, FTP, NAS, and anywhere else users might store content. Simultaneously connect to multiple public cloud providers, personal computers, servers and FTP, so that no matter how you store files, Qnext allows access to them. Qnext provides enhanced security when browsing public cloud providers as well as allowing for unlimited file size when sharing from them.

Do More With Your Files Once accessed, you can edit, print, play music, video, send to other apps or share, all from your smartphone or tablet. Qnext also allows you to download the content – whether it is to your smartphone or to a computer.

Best-in-Class-Sharing Access is amazing, but very few people work in a vacuum. Chances are high that you will have to share documents, pictures, videos or executable files with colleagues, clients or friends. Qnext has its users covered. Users have access to best-in-class sharing functionality, allowing for the sharing of unlimited file types ranging from docs and vids, to application files.

Private Cloud Solution Qnext allows its users the option of creating a private cloud by linking all of your existing storage - computers, external hard drives, network attached storage, etc. without entrusting or having to upload your data to a 3rd party, which saves you on time and storage costs.

Tight Security Qnext uses SSL bank level security to ensure that nobody aside from you and your intended recipients view the files when sharing. Furthermore, Qnext high-end security extends to access, so users have a private pipeline between you and your data, which only users can control.

No Limits Files too big? No problem. Qnext allows sharing of any file type with any size, with all of the file quality preserved. Ideal for anything from the biggest media projects, to sending a friend a video of the concert you’re at. Zero limits, tons of potential.

Wide Range of Uses People from all walks of life use Qnext. Used by the consultant or entrepreneur on the go for accessing files while travelling or between meetings; small businesses for staying on top of paperwork; students who need to get lecture notes from home without having to leave the library; it is used by the family to share photos; and it is used by you to do anything you want.

Consumer Clients & Downloading[edit]


  • Desktop Client available at www.qnext.com for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows computers.
  • An iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch version that can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store.
  • An Android version can be downloaded from Google Play, Samsung Apps, Amazon Kindle & Android App stores, as well as dozens of other App stores worldwide.

Enterprise/ Business Use of Qnext[edit]

Qnext makes remote collaboration easy, private and secure. Your team will be able to securely access and privately share files of any size, type, and format from any device.

“Qnext for Business” is a cross-platform solution helping companies remotely collaborate with increased efficiency. It is the perfect tool for organizations looking to provide their employees secure and remote access to files, without ever compromising security or privacy. Additional key features of Qnext for Business include full service management, powerful security, reporting and activity logs.

Our goal at Qnext is to help companies achieve very high levels of productivity, efficiency, security and privacy. With Qnext, employees can easily and securely search, access and share company files no matter where in the world they are—or where those files are stored. Since files are never uploaded, there are no file size or type limits and all of your company’s data remains securely in its original location.

Qnext is easy to install, with no server infrastructure required. We make sharing seamless by syncing with popular email providers, such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo mail, for an unmatched user experience.

  • Access to anyone else’s shared content by permission.
  • Complete administrative control of sharing permissions and activity logs.
  • Be up and running in 60 seconds – no IT support needed.
  • Ability to securely access, share, view and source-sync files from anywhere on any device.
  • Improved collaboration and productivity. Secure access and file sharing among employees, customers, partners and prefered vendors.
  • Real-time data accessibility with encryption.
  • Shared files always remain in their original locations.
  • Organize, tag and search for files by topic keyword.
  • Connect and collaborate with team members in a social online environment.


Qnext combines multiple technologies to connect users, facilitate communication, manage shared content and deliver shared media to anyone in an efficient way.[1] Qnext uses Java, services-delivery architecture, Unicode, hybrid P2P[2] / Web 2.0 (Peer2Web),[3] Peer2Mobile and cross-platform technologies. Qnext services are plug-ins to the Qnext core with a high security level[4] using SSL encryption. With Qnext, users can share and provide access to their digital content directly from their computers without the need to upload any of the shared content to external servers.

Currently with the 'consumer' version of Qnext, our 'Access Controls' set by the user or Discretionary Access Control (DAC). The Qnext data owner determines who can access specific resources. For example, a user can create a hierarchy of files to be accessed, by invitation, or certain permissions.

Digital content can be viewed in its orginal source which means that that vital content does not need to be stored in a public cloud. With no servers in the way to slow down, file transfers occur as fast as the Internet service connection and internet internet connected device will allow. Transfers cannot be hacked or intercepted.

Qnext allows sending and receiving files from other instant messaging services. Most services (such as ICQ, Microsoft Messenger service, and Yahoo! Messenger, etc. have a file size limit and the transfers travel through a server infrastructure. This may compromise security, privacy and quality of service.

Photo sharing is a way to share photos with anyone in seconds, even if the recipients don’t have Qnext.[5] Any photos at any file format and resolution can be shared with any IM or email contact. Unlike other photo sharing tools, Qnext does not limit the number of photos users can share at a time, or the size of each individual photo. Just select the photos to share, choose your audience (IM or email contacts) and recipients will receive a link that lets them view, zoom, run a slide show, or download any or all photos in small or original format and resolution. No need to upload any photos to public websites.

File sharing is a means to get big files where they need to go, fast.[6][7] Share an unlimited amount of files or folders of any size. Select the IM or email contacts you want to share with and that is all. Recipients will get a link in an email or an instant message and be able to download any or all of the shared files from any web browser in the world.

Streaming media (music) allows listening to an entire music library and iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists from anywhere in the world.[8] Choose up to 700,000 songs and select an audience; the tunes will be streamed quickly to any who are chosen. Whether users want to share with themselves or with friends, this is the only way to stream your music to any web browser. The users’ library can be browsed by artist, album or genre, or created and shared user’s favorite playlist. Your audience can make their own playlist from your tunes.

Data transmission is secured using SSL encryption

Qnext users can:

  • Set permission to allow themselves or others to remotely access their PC from any web browser.
  • Allow a person or a group to view and/or control specific applications on their computer as others watch in real-time (ideal for software demonstrations).
  • Request one-on-one assistance from any Qnext contact by allowing them to access your computer, as you watch their action in real-time.

iPhone & Android Compatibility[edit]

Apple iOS: Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Android: Requires Android 4.0 and up

Mobile Web application features[edit]

A web application (Web App) is a computer software application that is hosted in a browser-controlled environment which is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an Intranet. The Qnext Mobile Web Application has the same features as the Qnext iPhone application.

Using the Qnext Mobile Web requires no downloads or installation and works on smartphone and tablet internet connected devices and devices with a WebKit based mobile browser from, such as: Android, HTC, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Windows.

Qnext Mobile Web App can be used in two ways:

  • From a mobile device using a mobile web browser.
  • From any computer using a web browser and opening the Qnext Web application. This is a live implementation which operates the Qnext Mobile Web App in real-time.

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