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Stable release 2.2.0 / December 16, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-12-16)
Development status Inactive
Written in Ruby
Operating system Cross-platform
License LGPL 2.1
Website Techbase

QtRuby is a binding of the application framework Qt for the programming language Ruby. Korundum is an additional set of bindings for the desktop environment KDE.

Since the underlying technologies Ruby, Qt, and KDE are cross-platform, so is QtRuby. It supports Linux and other flavours of Unix, as well as Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

QtRuby hello world[edit]

require 'Qt4'
app = Qt::Application.new(ARGV)
hello = Qt::PushButton.new('Hello World!')
hello.resize(100, 30)

The Korundum documentation[1] proposes a more "rubyish" version of this program.

Notable applications that use QtRuby[edit]

  • Kubeplayer, a video player dedicated to play online videos.[2]
  • Kaya, a Qt/KDE-based application to play chess, shogi and variants thereof.[3]
  • Yast 2, [opensuse] control center

Status and Maintenance[edit]

Currently, QtRuby is maintained (if at all) as part of Korundum.

A third-party implementation, named "qtbindings" in the Rubygems repository, has been made due to the lack of active development.[4] Stated goals of the project include keeping an up-to-date version of the Qt framework for Ruby, as well as improving compatibility with non-Linux systems.[5] As of December 2013, it supports Ruby 2.0 and 1.9, but not 1.8.


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