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QtScript is a scripting engine that has been part of the Qt cross-platform application framework since version 4.3.0.

The scripting language is based on the ECMAScript standard with a few extensions, such as QObject-style signal and slot connections.[1] The library contains the engine, and a C++ API for evaluating QtScript code and exposing custom QObject-derived C++ classes to QtScript.

The QtScript Binding Generator[2] provides bindings for the Qt API to access directly from ECMAScript.[clarification needed update needed?] QtScript and the binding generator are used for Amarok 2's scripting system.

The current (as of Qt 4.7) implementation uses JavaScriptCore.

Qt Script for Applications (QSA)[edit]

An earlier and unrelated scripting engine, called Qt Script for Applications (QSA), was shipped by Trolltech as a separate Qt-based library, dual-licensed under GPL and a commercial license.

With the release of QtScript, QSA has been deprecated and reached its end of life in 2008.[3]


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