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Qtrax Logo 2013.png
Developer(s) LTDnetwork Inc.[1]
Stable release 2013.08.07.002 / August 7, 2013
Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X
Type Ad-supported, Media player
License Proprietary (freeware)
Website qtrax.com

Qtrax is an ad-supported digital music service aimed at providing free high-quality Downloads, Streaming and Radio via Mac and PC (and on Android and iOS from February 2015). The New York based company now holds license agreements with a number of major and independent labels. CEO Allan Klepfisz has stated that maintaining compensation for copyright holders while capturing part of the 95 percent marketshare that continues to download music illegally is the ambition behind Qtrax's current model.

Qtrax launches a new initiative, the Artist Manifesto, in January 2015, aimed at providing music artists with better compensation for digital music consumed via its (and others) digital music services.


Qtrax currently allows music fans to download free and legal music (Download, Stream, Radio) from three of the major labels – EMI, Sony Music and Universal Music Group[2] The Qtrax Player client has been created on the Microsoft Silverlight Platform.[3] The service is totally free to use with registration and generates revenue by a combination of advertising and strategic partnerships.[4] Qtrax value-added service includes band pages complete with links to YouTube videos, Ticketmaster ticket searches, Amazon purchase links, and a Wikipedia link.[2] Users can interact socially by creating playlists and sending music recommendations to friends.[5]

The files utilize Microsoft's Windows Media Digital Rights Management. This platform ensures the ad-supported application continues to offer free access to music files.[6]


As of January, 2015, the following is a list of the currently signed contracts:

On 6 May 2008, UMG (Universal Music Group), the largest of the record labels, signed a deal with Qtrax.[10] Qtrax stated that the entire catalogue of songs from artists under the Universal label will be available.[11]


Although Qtrax has received criticism in 2008 due to a previous launch withdrawal, the company quietly made its service available in 2014, and has growing popularity in 68 countries.

International availability[edit]

Currently, the Qtrax Music Service is available in 68 countries.[12]


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